Retro Belgica Records is an independent Belgian dance label founded by experienced Belgian pioneers in dance music. We aim to release great typical Belgian dance music as we knew it in the 90s with a modern twist. We are talking about Hard Dance, Hard Trance, Rave & Techno. No rules, just thumping rhythms with a compelling melody. By doing this, we hope we can bring back the good old times.

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Retro Belgica - Ecstasy Symphony

Ecstasy Symphony

Dive into the underground vibe of the 90s with our latest release, Ecstasy Symphony. This electrifying dance anthem captures the essence of dark clubs and relentless beats. Let the driving rhythm take you on a journey of pure euphoria. Prepare to surrender to the relentless groove of Retro Belgica.

Retro Belgica Records 14
release /11/06/2024


retro belgica vs bjorno - thats the sound remixes

That’s the Sound

Following the sensational success of Retro Belgica vs Bjorno’s chart-topping track ‘That’s the Sound,’ we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of an electrifying remix package from some of the most sought-after DJ/Producers in the scene. Prepare to be blown away by the remixes crafted by the incomparable talents of Greg C, Q Ic, Lethal MG, Mystery, Francois, Blvckprint & Stone.

Retro Belgica Records 13
release 11/04/2024


Retro Belgica Franky Kloeck Overdose


Get ready to be swept away by the hypnotic allure of ‘Overdose,’ a collaboration that seamlessly blends the Retro Belgica vibe with DJ Franky Kloeck’s signature magic. This isn’t just a track; it’s a sonic journey into the heart of Cherrymoon, reborn for a new generation.

Retro Belgica Records 12
release 22/02/2024


Retro belgica That's the sound

That’s the Sound

Retro Belgica Records is back, and this time, we’ve joined forces with the one and only DJ Bjorno to unleash a sonic tsunami that will reverberate through every dancefloor with thunderous bass drums that’ll shake the very foundations of music itself. 🔊💥Here comes the new single from Retro Belgica vs. Bjorno, and it’s none other than “That’s the Sound.” 🎶

Retro Belgica Records 11
release 19/10/2023


Retro Belgica Right Now remix ep part 2

Right Now
Remix EP Part 2

Prepare to be blown away by our latest remix package for the track “Right Now”! This time, we’re taking it to the next level with an electrifying blend of even harder and bolder beats. Grab your copy now and experience the sheer power of our mind-blowing remixes

Retro Belgica Records 10
release 31/08/2023


Retro Belgica Right now 1500 - 1500

Right Now
Remix EP Part 1

💥 Unleash Your Inner Raver… Again! 💥

The wait is over. The moment has arrived. Retro Belgica Records invites you to join the grand celebration of “Right Now: The Remix Package vol.1.” It’s time to reignite the dancefloor, to lose yourself in the collective euphoria of the music.

Retro Belgica Records 09
release 20/07/2023


Retro Belgica Pat Krimson Trippin Elephant

Trippin’ Elephant

Retro Belgica entered the studio in the spring of 2023 with one of Belgium’s most successful DJ’s “Pat krimson”. The result has become very surprising because it is a different style that you would not normally expect from Pat Krimson & Retro Belgica. “Trippin’ Elephant” is a Melodic House-Techno banger that you’ll be hearing at many festivals this summer.

Retro Belgica Records 08
release 25/05/2023


Retro Belgica vs DJ Looney Tune - Houzzemusic


Retro Belgica continues to dig deeper into the magical ’90s. For the 7th release, they went to the studio together with the well-known DJ Looney Tune who had several hits in the ’90s with Jumpin’ & Pumpin’, Workstation etc., on the Bonzai label. Together they have created a surprising and more modern typical DJ Looney Tune sound……… To put it in one way but this is a club track that every living soul will dance to……

Retro Belgica Records 07
release 28/12/2022


Retro Belgica - Mutti ist so geil

Mutti ist so Geil

Retro Belgica continues to go its own way and keeps its promise to bring back the dance sounds of the 90s. Call it Future Retro or whatever. This track makes you feel like you are back in the days when there were clubs and dancing everywhere. A nice funny song, a catchy melody with a solid beat, here is “Mutti ist so geil”.

Retro Belgica Records 06
release 10/11/2022


The Final Rave

The Final Rave

Most party boys who lived through the 90s will immediately feel like they are being catapulted back to that time somewhere. Retro dance in collaboration with the guys from Retro Arena. Listen and be guided to the magical sounds of ‘The final rave’

Retro Belgica Records 05
release 22/09/2022


Retro Belgica vs Sven Lanvin - Sensations of the mind

Sensations of the mind

This track combines pounding Techno along with some melodic waves, bringing u into the right mood to party! Sven Lanvin produced this freshy hypnotic techno track in a collab with the Retro Belgica legends, using he’s experience as a dj, giving you exactly what technomusic stands for.

Retro Belgica Records 04
release 07/07/2022

Retro Belgica - Mind & Soul

Mind & Soul

The dance train just keeps moving with this Retro Belgica production. A spastic snare drum dancing together with changing hi-hats & a dark retro lead is the line in the track Mind & Soul. The build-up in the break is enormous where the train takes you along in a new surprising rhythm with a fat acid sound. Every muscle in your body will overheat if you go along with this story.

Retro Belgica Records 03
Release 09/06/2022

Retro Belgica - Afro Ka

Afro Ka

A banging afro rhythm with a thumping bass drum with samples from African tribes. the rhythm is filled with a typical 90’s stab. This in turn ensures that Retro Belgica is influenced by the typical Belgian 90’s dance sound. The build-up in the break to the climax is enormous and will make many hearts go wild. The climax booms and gets a different dimension because of the acid sound.

Retro Belgica Records 02
Release 05/05/2022

Retro Belgica - Right now

Right now

Driving technohouse with the typical Belgian Retro Dance sound as we knew it in the 90s. A surprising break followed by an explosive climax. A track that will linger in your head for a long time and on which no human or animal can standstill. Retro Belgica is born, this tastes like more!

Retro Belgica Records 01
Release 31/03/2022